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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

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Butter, anyone? She may look down upon anyone who sacrifices fat for diet, but Julia Child is the grand dame of French cooking — for butter or for worse. Like Julia, you tend to enjoy the rewards of classic cooking and traditional life.

Maybe you don't whip up lobster thermidor on a nightly basis, but when you do ramp up for a special meal — entertaining friends, for example — you tend to pull out all the stops. Experience has proven that "from scratch" does tend to make a difference, so if time allows, we'd guess you like to spoil your guests with everything from fresh fish to homemade pie. That's not to say you're not up for some shortcuts in the kitchen. It's just that when it comes down to it, you like to do things right, and don't mind taking the time to make sure that happens.

Heavens to Murgatroyd! As long as I don't look like Ms Child when I'm sixty.

More bouillabaisse, anyone?


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What Flavour Fits You?

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Your sunny disposition and happy-go-lucky attitude are the kinds of traits everyone loves to have around. Our bet is you're known as the chief supporter in your clan. If there's a bash to throw, you're likely the first one on the horn. If there's a crisis at hand, you can usually be counted on to rally the troops. Easy to talk to and fun to be around, you have a gift for blending perfectly no matter what the situation.

This positive energy extends beyond good times into every other aspect of your life. Whatever your career path or goals, your natural ability to win people over and communicate ideas with enthusiasm are two key secrets to your success. The same glass-half-full attitude that makes you a fab friend will work its magic in the workplace. And in the world of business, those kinds of good vibes are always refreshing.

What's not to like about an orange? *heh*


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New Digs

Monday, March 10, 2008

It seems that last night, someone in our apartment block - I don't know who you are, but rest assured I will track you down, after all, there's currently only three families living here - shut down the cold water main of the entire block to install a washing machine and kind of forgot to turn it back on again, leaving the tenants of said block to poach in pure hot water during their morning showers. Never have my pores felt so dilated. We all looked like juicy, cooked lobsters. Bah!

Speaking of apartments, we have finally settled in, furniture et al. Being Minister of Home Affairs, I was the designated habitat locater. Armed with a company budget and estate agent, I set about my task. I didn't know what the market rate was but when I was shown three storey houses complete with yard and walkie talkies in case you got lost or need to locate lost family members indoors, I knew Hubs' company was being generous. So this was a proper expatriation, not exploitation - it's always good to know. And while I was joking about the walkie talkies, I wasn't about the living space. It was similar to what we left back home.

After a week, I narrowed down the search to make life easier for the agent and more importantly, myself. And even more importantly, Sonny-boy who had to tag along. I want to thank Sony for coming up with the PSP thingamajig. It is a life-saver.

So I told the estate agent: 3 bedroom apartment, not less than 200 square meters and not more than thirty minutes travel time from the two men's office and school respectively.

After viewing more than 25 places later, I finally found one which I liked. It's a brand new unit in a brand new block. It is so new that there were only 2 occupants when we moved in. The compound itself has been around for a few years but they've recently added several new blocks to the property. Did I also mention it's a joint venture between Singapore's CapitaLand and a local company? I feel at home already.

Our landlady is nice too. She gave me free rein of choosing all the furniture and soft furnishings, appliances included. She didn't set me a budget (Hubs and Karen think she's insane not to, knowing my propensity to pick, not on purpose mind you, the most expensive item of the lot) and approved of all my choices. What she ended up with is a stylish, yet comfortable apartment filled with matching redwood furniture in every room. I also got matching upholstery and curtains in vanilla, light sand with accent touches of red throw cushions. Got to have red somewhere. For the bedrooms and living area, I placed Persian style carpets on the dark wooden floors. I have to keep reminding myself not to get attached to the furniture as it's not ours to keep. I only got to choose them.

The funny thing about this whole exercise was, Hubs never got to see the apartment until after the agreement was made and furniture ordered. How's that for trust?

The other thing to note (on a personal basis) is that I did rather well with the allocated budget. As part of the rent, I managed to get the following from the landlady as well: full utilities fee, a concierge cum maintenance service to run certain errands and fix that wonky light bulb or water pipe, once a week housekeeping (she only has to do the stuff which I hate like the bathrooms and kitchen stove, I will handle the rest) and best of all, a family club membership at the gym and fitness centre located in the compound.

Now here comes the million dollar question: Why can't I bargain like that in the markets here or anywhere in the world for that matter? I'm horrid at bargaining when it comes to shopping and surrender my money with nary a squeak.

But that's another story for another day.

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