The Dutchess' Secret Ingredient To A Good Marriage

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I don't know what works for the other couples but in our case, it's duct tape.

No, not the type you use to play kinky bedroom games with unless it's your thing to do, then by all means, go for it. Whatever rocks your boat, I always say.

The duct tape I'm referring to is the kind you mentally plaster your mouth with when your better half does something to jar the inner core of your sensibilities. That something in question is usually more often than not, minor but making a comment would certainly spark off World War Three. So in Cookalot, what we do is pull out a good length of imaginary duct tape, cut it with our imaginary scissors and paste it over our very real and very ready with-the-sharp-comment mouth. And if you and your better half are so in tuned with each other, the perpetrator your better half will acknowledge this humongous act of self-control and appreciate you further. Danger is averted and peace reigns.

This duct tape of ours work on eyes too.

Note: Application is only suitable for the petty annoyances which pop up from time to time. Should the annoyances be linked to major issues of trust, fidelity and the like, forget about the tape and reach for that crowbar instead.


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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Last night, we, with Hubs' parents and Eldest Brother in tow, went to a Mexican restaurant in the town center. On Tuesdays, Danas has an "All You Can Eat Sparerib Special" on the menu which was what all of us ordered.

The spareribs, with portions huge enough to warrant a wooden chopping (cute idea!) as individual serving platters, were lightly crisp and extremely flavourful on the outside and succulent on the inside. Lekker!

With the exception of yours truly, everyone went for seconds and I do believe, even thirds. I live amongst carnivores!

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Saturday Afternoon

Saturday, October 04, 2008

I had a very pleasant lazy afternoon today. Hubs and Brother-in-law #3 had taken their respective male heirs to a nearby children's farm for a visit leaving me a couple hours of quiet time.

So followed by a bracing, light salad,

Salad of assorted greens, goat cheese stuffed peppers, feta and boiled eggs drizzled with lemon olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

and a couple of rows to a vest I'm knitting, I proceeded up to bed for what would become a two and a half hour nap. Bliss!

Quite by coincidence, the children's farm was celebrating World Animal Day today. They had games, people dressed up like animals and animal face-painting for the kids. Hubs, who left with a perfectly cheeky boy came home with an even cheekier looking dog, complete with lolling tongue.

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Mercedes-Benz F1 TV Advert

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

We, meaning Hubs and Sonny-boy are Ferrari fan(atics) so I feel abit of a Judas posting this Mercedes-Benz ad here. But a good ad is a good ad and this left me in giggles. I especially enjoyed the surprise appearance of Mika Hakkinen at the very end. Nothing like reminding the next generation they are still earning their stripes to put everything in perspective. And if you are into behind-the-scene stuff, there's the "Making Of" video which comes directly after.

Credit to Brenda for first putting up the video on a parenting forum. Some mums there are big F1 fans but not necessarily over the racing cars per se... what cars ??!


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Subscribe To Lekker!

I've gone and added an RSS thingamajig in my sidebar, just under the email me bit. Subscribe and you'll get updates when I make updates here. At least that's what my technically fuzzy brain made out of all that jargon in Feedburner. I could be wrong but, be a doll anyways and still subscribe, won't you?


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Home Sweet Home

It's like we never left and the previous nine months never happened.

I know we have to return to Beijing next Friday but in the meanwhile, it's good to be home.


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