World's Coolest Flight Attendant

Monday, April 27, 2009

Now this is what I call inflight entertainment!

Thanks to Trish for the link.


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The Spirit Is Willing...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So I got all kitted up in my workout gear this morning. The grand plan was to attend a 10am Chisel session at the gym located within our compound.

Well, it's 10.20am right now and I never got past our front door. All is not lost though. As I make this entry, I'm exercising my mouth with a lemon puff biscuit which will be followed up by a thick slice of swiss roll. To make sure I really feel the swiss roll action, extra boysenberry jam will be added. I will then cool down and stretch out with a calming cup of sencha (japanese green tea).

I like my workout better.


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Confessions Of A Shoe-aholic

Thursday, April 09, 2009

My name is Dutchess and I'm a shoe-aholic.

This recent holiday of ours, I came home with nine pairs of assorted footwear. I had the noble intention of buying only one pair of shoes - the Varina from Ferragamo. But promptly fell off the bandwagon when we went shopping at all my favourite haunts namely Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City and Tangs. Ouch.

Right after the next day we landed - by 'we' I mean my life partner in crime, Hubs and our unwilling sidekick, Sonny-boy who hates shopping unless there's a toy in it for him - we headed straight to the Ferragamo flagship store in Paragon. As we entered, I took a deep whiff. It all smelt so good. I browsed, I tried (hoo boy, did I try. I almost didn't stay on course and made off with a frivolous hot pink peep-toe from this spring's offering instead of a black pump I was there for), I admired myself in the mirror for abit before making my choice. Instead of the Varina, which, to my disappointment made my legs look stumpy, I picked the Carla with its more flattering 4cm heel.

Happiness at my fingertips

Incidentally, I already own a pair of 12cm heeled Carlas in patent red. And, I had brought them with me on holiday ( I wanted to wear them for a lunch outing with a bunch of girlfriends later that week).

Hubs also bought a pair of black suede Master moccasins with the trademark Gancini bit on the front. I would have liked to snap a photo of it but he's gone to work in them today. Here's the leather version though. The suede one is versatile as it looks good under a suit, jeans or bermudas. Walking out of the store, Hubs called me a bad influence but didn't seem to complain when he wore them the rest of the week. Just yesterday, when he got home from work, he commented they felt as comfortable as a pair of gloves. I was very pleased, as though they were mine. Speaking of which, I put my new shoes to work too, whilst on holiday and they didn't disappoint. They felt so good on the feet, even after a full day's worth of walking.

Then there were the other shoe purchases. These were all unintentional buys ( I can hear Hubs snorting now) but I'm glad I came across them anyways. Take for instance, these three pretties sitting in a row from the huge shoe department in Takashimaya.

I believe Lucieno is a local brand and they make affordable and comfortable dress sandals. I'm a regular and buy at least a pair whenever we are in town. I just love my bling!

The following two are from Tangs. I bought it the eve of our departure, on one last shopping blitz, as one would say.

Stacked heel sandals with printed horsehair straps.

This one above is special because the sales assistant very kindly gave me a 5% discount, it being a last pair and all. I would've paid full retail price for it but it's always nice to get freebies, especially so when they are unexpected gestures.

Blue suede moccasins with grossgrain ribbon bow

I have already worn this twice now and it feels so good on the feet, thanks to the thick rubber soles. Best of all, my legs didn't look stumpy, not even with capri pants. Love it, love it, love it!

The remaining number of footwear are made up of beach/casual sandals and flip-flops.

These are from Reef which can be found in the Rip/Curl store in Pacific Plaza. Can you tell I have a weakness for ribbons and bows?

The other two are from Ipanema. I'd read about them in a magazine and got curious. They fit well and look pretty good as far as flip-flops go. Perfect for the beach or slumming around.

Seed platforms from the Gisele Bundchen collection

From the regular range

So that's how it came to be nine pairs of shoes.

My name is Dutchess and I'm a shoe-aholic.


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10 Years, 2 Rings, 1 Cuff

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

It's our 10th wedding anniversary today.

I could wax lyrical about how wonderful Hubs is but I shan't. The fact we're now at double digit celebrations and still having fun is testimony enough.

I'll tell you about how we marked the occasion though. Thanks to perfect timing, our recent sojourn to Singapore became our anniversary trip. We had a fantastic time, Sonny-boy included. We visited new places, caught up with family and friends and made our credit cards beg for mercy.

And we bought our anniversary presents in Singapore. For the modern 10th anniversary gift, it's tin or aluminum, for the traditional, it's diamonds. No prizes for guessing what my heart was set on.

Initially I had wanted to buy a new set of golf clubs for Hubs but he vetoed the idea. Anxious days on my side ensued. Finally, amidst some protesting, I pulled him into the Tiffany store at the Raffles Hotel where we had just finished our lunch. We are not coming out empty handed I swore.

And we didn't.

We both rather liked the atlas cuff but in the end, decided this was more in keeping with Hubs' style:

Tiffany 1837 titanium and sterling silver cuff.

Mine was a no brainer. It would be a diamond ring but not from Tiffany. We still needed our house to go back to during the summer. No, we scouted around and found this jewelry store in Suntec City which carried many modern yet feminine designs. However, more than an hour had passed and I still couldn't make up my mind. I had narrowed the choices down to two and it was so hard to decide. Even King Solomon himself would have had difficulty. They were that pretty - to me anyhow. As the nice lady who was attending to us puts it, "One is wow, that's an unusual ring, the other is wow, she is being pampered."

I liked the idea of both. Argh.

Anyway, Hubs, in all his infinite wisdom and generosity said let's take the two. The eyes of both the sales lady and mine lit up, but for very different reasons.

So here I am, the proud owner of two rings, here and here.

Happy Anniversary my dear husband.




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