Tuesday Night's Dinner

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The monsoon season is upon us and it's been raining buckets on and off for the last two weeks. While the rain does bring relief to the sweltering heat, it means eating our meals in the patio was a no-go.

But last night was different. It had been dry all day and before you could say, "Monsoon", I'd laid out the table for dinner. Hubs was late, not from work for once but from collecting his birthday clubs and we didn't eat until almost 8pm.

Dinner was simple, just some ABC spaghetti I invented off the top of my head while at the supermarket earlier on. In case you were wondering, the ABC stands for Asparagus, Bacon and Courgette. The three ingredients were first stir-fried with some garlic (no oil because the bacon is already fatty) and finished off in cream before mixing in the pasta. This was accompanied by a no-frills Caesar Salad, some bruschetta and family time.

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Birthday Presents For The Husband

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Cookalot family tradition: Birthday boy or girl wears this hat throughout the day. At home of course. We are fun-loving people, not crazy.

Now that Sonny-boy is a manly nine going on ten year old, he, with some gentle prodding from me, decided he would buy Dad a birthday present. After some brainstorming, it was off to the nearest Build-A-Bear Workshop. Presenting our latest family member:


How cool is that?

Hubs is a Harley Davidson fan (wants the bike someday) so Sonny-boy decked the chosen bear with all things Harley. From the t-shirt, leather jacket, chaps and bandanna right down to the shades. He even picked a pair of jeans similar to one of Dad's. And then there are the lace up shoes! It's got spikes at the bottom of the soles. Too cute! But cuteness comes at a price so Mum had to chip in half and even then, Sonny-boy felt the pinch. Which is good, because he had to forgo a toy he had been saving up for to buy Dad his present. And he got christening rights to the bear, too.

As for me, I bought Hubs a set of Ping Rapture irons for his birthday. It has to be custom-fitted in the US and takes about four weeks to arrive so with any luck, he should get it either this week or the next. While waiting for them, Hubs has gone and bought himself a putter, driver, hybrid something or other and a pitching wedge.

I think someone had a good birthday this year.


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Birthday Brunch At The Lighthouse

As the stars would have it, the Husband's birthday fell on a Sunday (8 November) which meant we had a wide enough choice of hotel champagne brunches to choose from.

I did some checking (don't you just love the internet?) and finally decided on The Lighthouse at The Fullerton Hotel for its ambience and culinary fare. With a seating capacity of 52, the restaurant is about the size of our living room and has a great view of Marina Bay and the city skyline. Atmosphere is chic, exclusive without being stuffy. The food is Italian fine-dining so do not expect huge portions. For parents with young children, it would also be wise to note that a meal there would take at least two hours so unless your child has been trained or you've brought along superglue to hold Junior in place throughout the period, a better choice would be the Town Restaurant. The chef will also do special orders for kids, something we pleasantly found out when we asked if Sonny-boy could have a plate of tossed pasta in garlic and herbs.

Amusé: Herbed marscapone cheese on slice of toast

Hubs' appetiser: What 24 month old parma ham looks like decked out with parmigiano cheese and shaved celery.

My appetiser: Fancy pants beef carpaccio. I swear the chef used a set square to get the perfect angle.

Hubs' main course: Wagyu Beef Tenderloin with all the trimmings. There was a long chic name for the dish but it eludes me now. The taste was unforgettable though (Hubs cut me a small piece to try).

My main course: Angel hair pasta with braised lobster. The fuzzy topping is, as described in the menu, "lobster foam". Whatever it was, the foam resembled clouds in the sky and the pasta was heavenly.

Hubs' dessert: Molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream laced in liquer. Alot of it.

Oozing chocolate lava. Yum!

My dessert: Stawberries with balsamic reduction and lavender ice-cream.

If you look carefully, you can see lavender in the ice-cream. The aroma left me swooning.

Done in under two minutes. *blush*


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New Look and I Hate HTML

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Need I say more? Especially when I'm technically challenged.

Out of vanity and boredom, I'd been contemplating on giving Lekker! a face-lift. But try as I might, I could not seem to find the heart to get rid of the nutrition label for a side-bar - it's so apt and cheeky for a food blog, don't you think? Then I couldn't bear to give up the iconic Campbell Soup can either. Nor the blinding red background. You get the drift.


So instead of a complete over-haul, I made a couple of changes here and there. Most noticeably would be the header which was done on Photoshop. I had a giggle over it. Can you tell why?

I got rid of the vanilla background on which the text is written on and went for classic white instead. Also messed around with the border and line separator for a more snazzy look. This would have taken an expert under an hour to complete but I'm not that expert. I'd forgotten what was what so everything went through the good old trial and error.

I like the new look. It reflects the two most important characteristics about this blog - tongue-in-cheek humour and a sense of fun.

Oh, and I still hate HTML.


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We took a stroll down Holland Village and ended up at the 3-Monkeys Cafe for dinner. The Awesome Adventure (breaded calamari rings, onions rings, thai fish cakes and chicken wings) under appetisers sounded, well, appetising.

After consolidating everyone's choices, I beckoned the waitress and began doing the honours.

"Hi, for starters, could we have the AWFUL Adventure, please?"

Oh. My. Fishcakes.

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If Age Has Taught Me Anything

Monday, November 16, 2009

So I was stooping, browsing through the lower shelves of the knitting section of Kinokuniya (quite a feat when you are on stilettos) when The Girlfriend comes up and asks me if I could hang on to a book for her as her arms were full from carrying Cutie-Pie who had dosed off following a huge lunch. The Girlfriend, another girlfriend and I had just dined at the Marriott and decided to work some of it off by browsing the shops. I don't know, but I always feel there is something decidedly wicked about Lunching and Shopping on a Monday. Or maybe it's just me.


So I reached out for the book and being female curious, took a cursory glance at the title:

whereupon I did a double-take and if not for perfect balance, would have fell on my hiney too.

"Beat The Bitch? You're reading this?!"

No, no, The Girlfriend quickly protested, it's for so-and-so.

"Oh, her. Ah..."

Just so one is being clear, the so-and-so in question is in her early twenties, married and what little I know from the one and only time I met her - all is well in paradise.


I can only speak for myself which is, what a difference age and life experiences can make. Fifteen years ago, I would have run out in my heels (some things don't change) and bought the very same book for Ms Stimson's tips and ammunition. Not so now. It's not because I've become complacent, far from it in fact, but I've reached the stage in my life where if my man is so easily swayed, then he's not worth keeping in the first place.

You know?

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Happy Birthday

Sunday, November 08, 2009

To my dear husband,

Happy Birthday.




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I Couldn't Have Said It Better

Friday, November 06, 2009

The future's got a million roads
For you to choose
But you'll walk a little taller
In some high-heeled shoes

- Welcome to the '60s, Hairspray


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Veni, Vidi, Visa - Ferragamo Gilia

Monday, November 02, 2009

I'd wanted to write an engaging piece to go with the photos of my newly acquired Gilia but try as I might, nothing flowed out. I mean, do you really want to read about how I was lusting after Ferragamo's current Fall/Winter season of burgundy shoes with the trademark Vara bow and how I asked to try on each and every single shoe (I'm shameless like that) in said colour? No, I think not.

The truth of the matter is this: I walked into the boutique yesterday (actually it wasn't even me who wanted shoes, it was Hubs, I was there along for the ride) saw the pair on display by the couch and fell in love with it. Sure I did try on the other burgundy ones just to satisfy my curiosity but my heart was set on the Gilia. Being edgier and sexier but still elegant all the same, this was Ferragamo with an attitude.

And I bought them. Attitude and all.

Different touch - brass palladium coated buckle

Four inches of ecstasy or sheer terror, depending on one's sense of balance

The Gilia also comes in oyster white and camel tan but I think black packs the most punch.

Oh, and Hubs did find a pair of work shoes too. A nice dressy one with tassels that arrived the day before and he was the first customer for it. For someone who used to sniff at my long-term love affair with Ferragamo shoes, he's onto his third pair.


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