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Monday, July 13, 2009

Our bags are finally packed. In a few hours, we leave for Schiphol Airport to our next chapter in life.

All week I had everyone telling how nice it must be for me to go back home to Singapore. Out of politeness, I smile and agree but by the time the nth person made the same remark, I was quite ready to thump them with my new handbag. I know they mean well but in reality, I'm leaving my home, not going home. I'm leaving my spacious house, my even more spacious backyard and the nice quiet neighbourhood we've spent a good six years in.

I'm not one to be emotional in public so I better stop while I still can or I really will start crying.

Tot ziens, allemaal!


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Birthday Presents

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It's been a month since my birthday but here are photos of the birthday goodies I received from my nearest and dearest anyways. Thank you everyone, I love my gifts.

Beautiful birthday lilies from Kristi and her family. Kristi is our neighbour in Beijing and almost on a weekly basis, we'd go shopping, have lunch or just explore Beijing together while the kids were at school.

Swarovski crystal mobile phone charm from Sonny-boy. After much resistance on my part, Hubs replaced my dinosaur Samsung mobile with a brand new LG Cookie. He'd been pressing me to get an iPhone but iDeclined, saying I only needed to call and send the occasional text message and nothing else. I did want a touchscreen phone though and the LG Cookie looked easy enough. So there we go, new mobile. And new bling to go along with it.

And from The Girlfriend, a cross-stitch pattern from Nora Corbett's Pixie Couture Collection, complete with the necessary beads and metallic threads. The Poppy Chart has been on my to-buy list and I guess you can see why. I'm drawn to the seductive red skirt designed to resemble poppy petals.

And because a girl must treat herself well and not wait for anyone else to do so, my little gift to me: a coffee table book from Tiffany which I lugged all the way from Singapore earlier this year and waited till my birthday proper to open. Ironic then it is currently on its way with the rest of our things back to Singapore. This is going to sit nicely with my special edition Ferragamo book on our new coffee table, whatever it may be.

As previously mentioned, I'm in a jewelry phase right now, hence this marcasite and onyx set in sterling silver ensemble from the Hubby. Its geometric Art Deco style certainly brings one back to the era and I feel quite the glamourous flapper wearing it.

So, my birthday presents for this year.

I am loved.

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Next Stop

Thursday, July 02, 2009

So we've gotten confirmation about Hubs' next posting. We are going to ... *drumroll* ...

... Singapore!

Really, really well and truly!

We are all very pleased. More details later except to say we will be arriving on the 14th of July. Yes, as in this month; just another example of the the kind of lives we lead, all rushed and last minute.

In the meantime, I have errands to run and the faster I finish them, the faster I get to my bikini and deck chair.

Later, everyone!


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We're Back

Lots of things have kept me very busy since my last post, most of them downright heart-stopping in a bad way. Then there were the funny, happy bits in between too, all of which I will recount when I'm in a much calmer state of mind. It's been go, go, go and go faster until yesterday when I could finally sink down in my own big leather couch and breathe clean fresh evening air complete with chirping birds in the background.

Yes, everyone, we are back in the Netherlands! It is so good to be home for some much needed rest and relaxation. Our last two weeks in Beijing had sent my blood pressure sky high on a daily basis I'm surprised I hadn't popped a vessel yet.

Today, after restocking the refrigerator and cellar, I'm going to put on my brand new bikini (I have three, each waiting to be worn), pull out the wooden deck chair onto my favourite part of the backyard and catch a tan.

I love my day already.


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